amberlynkaay asked:

So dumb, really hahaha. How about post some statistics instead of talking out of your ass. Like how a black man is 7x more like to be incarcerated and violent than a white man. If you have an issue please sweetie, get the fuck out of our country because your on our soil. Remember that.

cumgirl1 answered:

what the fuck is this message? i know this ugly ass pregnant ass white bitch is not in my inbox tryna preach “justified racism” to me right now like dont you have something better to do like walk around walmart barefoot and pregnant with a shotgun strapped to your back you fucking hick?

if you ever write me another dumb ass message like this im gonna make you delete your blog and thats a promise keep playin around if you want to you mud wrestling ford f-150 truck driving drinkin a beer and smoking a cigarette while pregnant with child country bumpkin